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We know the importance of building your own brand and staying on task. We’ll provide you with
customizable messages and various reports to help you focus on what matters most.

Patient Messaging

If you’re familiar with the concept of “building your brand”, then you know it’s important to make everything your patients see look the same. Same colors, same general feel. Your logo needs to be faithfully reproduced.

All of the Lighthouse 360 message types that can incorporate images (emails, postcards and letters) are fully customizable with images and colors. The colors will exactly match the colors of your logo, website, etc. You provide the image files, we’ll do the rest.

Sample Emails

Sample Text Messages

Spanish Emails

Spanish Text Messages

Sample Phone Messages

Automated Phone Call Sample

Click the play button below to hear a sample of our automated phone calls.

Spanish Messages

Lighthouse 360 offers you the ability to send messages in Spanish through email, text messages, postcards and even automated voice phone calls!

Sample Home Owners Postcard

Sample Letters

Sample Special Messages

Sample Newsletter

Reports and Messaging Scheduling

Sample Reports

Be Prepared For Every Patient, Every Day!

And See How You Did Yesterday, Too!

Each appointment is a face-to-face encounter with a patient – an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with them, make sure you have all current information, and maximize the value of their visit. Lighthouse 360 helps you do all these things with the Front Desk Task List, delivered to you early every morning (via email). Every night, our server looks at each patient on the schedule and checks them for over 20 issues, so you’ll know what to expect when they arrive. Among the things we check for:

  • Missing contact info (email, cell phone number, mailing address)
  • Past due for recall and not scheduled
  • Family members past due for recall
  • Health history update needed
  • Patient’s birthday is near

We also look at yesterday’s Front Desk Task List, and prepare the Automated Accountability Report for the office manager / practice owner. It recaps the activity of the day, summarizing the successes and detailing areas that might need a little more focus, or some training / re-training.

Sample Message Schedules

Customized Messages Promote Your Brand!

These are typical message schedules, but it’s important to note that YOUR schedules will probably be different. We customize each client’s schedules – what message types, when they’re sent, etc.

Schedule for Appointments Made 1 – 30 Days in the Future
Schedule for Appointments Made 31 or More Days in the Future
Schedule for Treatment Plan Reminder Messages

**Lighthouse 360 can auto-detect cell phone numbers using ANY phone number field in your practice management system (PMS)! So, if a patient gives you a number to use as their home phone, and it turns out that “home phone number” is actually a cell phone number, Lighthouse 360 automatically detects the number is for a wireless device and uses it for text messaging.

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