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Winburn Orthodontics

Beyond the Phone Call 

The world was changing, but Winburn Orthodontics’ patient communication system wasn’t keeping up. Administrative Assistant Shauna Cornwall was frustrated by a system that required calling patients with appointment reminders. “People don’t really answer phone calls anymore,” she explains. 

Being able to text reminders instead of calling would be more efficient and effective, Shauna knew. She also wanted to text back-and-forth with patients “so I could ask for things I need, like for them to bring in forms.”

Shauna wasn’t the only one who was unhappy with Winburn Orthodontics’ patient communication software. “Patients were always complaining that half the voice mail was cut off, so they weren’t getting the full message, or if they [followed the prompts] to press a number, the message just kept repeating,” she recalls.

The Lighthouse Solution

Seeking a better solution, Shauna booked a free demonstration with Lighthouse 360. “I was immediately sold on its capabilities,” she recalls. 

Getting Winburn Orthodontics set up with Lighthouse 360 was easy. “I had a few questions at the beginning, so I just called the 800 number,” Shauna says. “The [Lighthouse team] was so helpful and showed me how to handle everything.” 

Since implementing Lighthouse 360 in early 2020, “I have so much more time!” Shauna marvels. “I’m saving extra steps; I don’t have to go into individual patient charts or email myself anymore. I can just link to our website to send stuff out.” 

Saving Time, Saving Money 

In addition to saving time, Winburn Orthodontics is also saving money. Thanks to Lighthouse 360, they haven’t needed to hire another front desk employee to handle screening calls and recalls. 

The coronavirus pandemic has made it more important than ever for dental practices to communicate with patients. Lighthouse 360 proved invaluable when Winburn Orthodontics’ office had to shut down temporarily in March 2020. 

“I was able to instantly send an email explaining the situation to all the patients, instead of going patient by patient,” Shauna says. When the office reopened in May, she relied on two-way texting to communicate with patients waiting in their cars for appointments. 

Today business at Winburn Orthodontics is back at 100%, and Lighthouse 360 is helping the staff handle the workload with ease. 


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